Do You Know The Arizona Marijuana Renewal Card Laws?

At the Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Center (AZMMCC), qualified patients can obtain the physician’s certification necessary for application to the State of Arizona for the legal use of medical marijuana. We are a professional medical marijuana clinic and all necessary certification for doctors is complete before the doctors conduct patient consultations. Our fully licensed Arizona medical marijuana doctors conduct their legal and ethical duties in full compliance with Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification guidelines.

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We focus our service on compassion and respect for patient privacy. We understand that some patients are reluctant to try medical marijuana as an alternative to traditional medications. However, countless patients have found the use of medical marijuana effective as a therapeutic drug for cancer treatment, chronic pain treatment and other medical conditions. For people suffering from glaucoma, marijuana has been proven to reduce intraocular pressure along with other medical marijuana benefits.

Patients who qualify for registration with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program after doctor review will receive a signed State Certification Form that allow them to apply for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Identification Card.

The Arizona Department of Health Services - Medical Marijuana Renewal Card Application System is now online at

Your Arizona Medical Marijuana Qualifying Patient Card or Caregivers Card is vailid for 1 year, your expiration date is printed on your Arizona Medical Marijuana Card. You may renew your Marijuana Card up to 90 days before its expiration.

To access the renewal application, you will need to enter your first and last name and your current card number.

For your annual renewal, you will be required to submit similar information as was required in the original qualifying patient application. However, there are several documents that must be new or current:

• You will need to obtain and submit a new, current physician certification.

• You will need to obtain and submit a new, current photograph.

• You will need to obtain and submit a new Patient Attestation Form signed and dated with the current date.

• You will need to obtain and submit current documentation of your SNAP eligibility. The document submitted must indicate your first and last name.

• You may need to submit a copy of your identification if your name has changed since your last application.

• Caregivers must complete the same process for caregiver cards and must submit New Fingerprint Cards if originals are over 6 months old.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Centers (AZMMCC) will assist in the online submittal process for all new and renewing patients and cargivers cards after your your doctors visit at no additional charge.

Get Renewal Card Now!

The Department of Health Services ( requires all Medical Marijuana Patients to apply for their Renewal Card within 90 days prior to expiration. Contact our referring Medical Marijuana Clinic now and save with early bird specials....


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Marijuana Renewal Laws

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Ask Our Medical Staff

Call our courteous and professional team M-Sat 9am-5pm and ask any questions regarding the medical marijuana certification process for new & renewal patients. Friendly Medical Marijuana Doctors are availiable 5 days a week for MMJ Certifcations!...


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